Andrea Mencarelli has spent the last thirty years working in the football world, whether as a referee in Italy, a manager in Russia and Kenya, or as a sport lawyer, amongst other things, he has found an area in which he has excelled. This vast array of skills and knowledge has meant that Andrea is exceptionally well equipped as a football agent to represent players and understands the nuances of the industry in a unique fashion.

As a resident of various different countries across the world over the course of his career, Andrea is able to speak Italian, English and German fluently, with a good knowledge of Russian, Spanish and Kiswahili, making him a versatile representative capable of negotiating with parties from all kinds of backgrounds. With football connections in all of these countries as well, Andrea provides a truly international service as an agent.

Players Represented

  • Francesco Ruberto
  • Marco Hödl
  • Michael Schimpelsberger
  • Stefan Bergmeister
  • Edoardo Defendi

Contact Information


Via Arezzo 15/A – 00161 Rome (Italy)

Telephone Numbers:

Tel: +39 3455326726 (Italy) / +49 015259831435 (Germany)