Football Agency Network is the first Global Independent Network of Football Agents. We believe that together we are stronger and that by pooling our forces we can provide new and better opportunities for our players.

Our collective aim is to see all member agencies come together in order to create global opportunities for our clients.

The platform strives to provide a 360º service including marketing, legal and financial support systems for its member agents.

Please note that only the the companies mentioned on this website are our affiliated intermediaries.

“An Absolute Game Changer”

Our philosophy

We are stronger together. The combination of our global experience opens up new boundaries for each agent involved.

It is of vital importance to us at Football Agency Network that the integrity of the network is upheld to the fullest, and that all member agencies subscribe to the same values.

As such, an integrity charter is provide to all members with best practices outlined.

Information sharing and greater engagement from clubs.

The Football Agency Network promotes an environment of information sharing, where each agency contributes to the collective so that all benefit as a result.

This in turn will lead to greater engagement from clubs, who respond to the greater stance of agencies that have the advantage of the Football Agency Network.

Football Agency Network will not deal directly with a player, it has to be via a member of the network.

The Football Agency Network itself will not be involved in dealing with players, this will always be done through one of the member agencies.

Whilst the network can aid agencies in finding suitable clubs for their clients and services of a similar nature, the dealing itself will be left to the agency.

Experienced independent agents & entrepreneurs.

We at Football Agency Network admire independence, experience, and entrepreneurship, values that the Network was set up with, and as such, values we look for in prospective member agencies.

As a result, it is of the utmost importance to us that agencies under the FAN umbrella are able to retain full control over their own companies.

“A Unique Concept”


Combined Player Representation

One of the unique advantages of being part of an organisation like the Football Agency Network is the ability to come together with other agencies to bring a deal together.

When one of our members is in discussion with a club that may be asking for a type of player they do not necessarily have, they will easily be able to refer the club to another agency’s client from the network.

Recruitment and Retention Support

In addition, the Football Agency Network gives the opportunity to agencies to enhance recruitment, by presenting themselves to prospective clients as part of a wider picture.

We also believe that player retention will be augmented, as agencies that have reached differences with a particular client will be able to keep them within the network.

Cross Fertilisation of Opportunities for your Players

Football Agency Network’s unique structure allows for the cross fertilisation of opportunities for member agencies’ clients.

Due to the combined player representation aspect of the network, it will be increasingly easy for agencies to find vacancies that fit their clients.

Joint Deals with Certainty of Payment

Agencies working under the umbrella of the Football Agency Network will have a much greater level of ease in pushing through joint deals, due in no small part to a certainty of payment.

“Stronger Together”


Head Office Support

One of the key functions of Football Agency Network is the role played by our team at Head Office. We have staff available to answer any other enquiries by both member agencies and clients. All group services will be activated from head office.

Legal Advice

Our legal advice is provided by Udo Onwere who is a Sports Law Partner and leads the sports offering of the London law firm Bray and Krais.

Accounting & Tax Advisors

In addition to our dedicated legal team, we have accountants and tax advisors in order to aid member agencies and clients with image rights and similar areas of finance.

Player Insurance

Football Agency Network are able to offer preferential rates on career ending insurance (25% discount) for the clients of member agencies due to a partnership with PFA Prosecure.

Financial Advisors

Football playing careers do not last forever, and so we recognise the need for players to receive financial advice throughout their careers and whilst planning for life after football. We offer committed financial advisors to aid with the clients’ finances when necessary, aiding such stages in a player’s career as buying a home, or saving money for the long term.


Football Agency Network has a commercial department devoted to working with potential commercial interests, such as boot deals or player sponsorships from the likes of Nike and Adidas.


Alongside the Commercial department, the Marketing department helps to activate opportunities for players through endorsements and player profiling.

Social Media

Social Media is a increasingly important tool in the modern business world, and so Football Agency Network has its own Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presences.

Online Services

All members have access to a private online database to consult contacts, club information, seek information on publications and so on. We believe it is important to stay up to date with all forms of current technology in order to make our brand as accessible as possible.

Global Office Network

CEO Keynote

We are unifying traditional methods under an avant-garde platform that will create a positive change in everything we represent.
Imre Varadi

Who can be a member?

Any independent football agent that is looking to form part of a community to reforce his or her core business.

  • Global Offices: support teams all over the world.
  • Central support system: Headquarters support system providing services for all member agents.


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